Links from Affiliate Websites

Features of my service:-

  • Real Affiliate Websites
  • Multiple IP
  • Different Niche
  • Very Low OB Links (or we can say Zero at present)
  • Max 3 OB links on Home Page

Read Description below and contact us via skype or Email ( Mentioned in post description )



:cool: Get Real Website Backlinks :) Affordable Price ;) Backlinks From Home Page & Post :cool:

Let’s keep it real: I don’t want to waste your time! Time is Money. You are on one of the world’s best SEO forums and since you’re here already, you know how powerful backlinks are from relevant real websites and their value!

Cutting things short let me share some features of my service and exactly what you will get.

Nonetheless, I’d like to take a moment to introduce myself. I am Manish Lamrod from India, and I have been involved in Internet Marketing since 2008. While exploring this field and engaging in various activities, Amazon affiliate marketing became one of my pursuits. I started with Amazon affiliate marketing for the first time in 2014, and after a hiatus, I resumed in 2018. SEO is my core skill, so whenever I venture beyond providing SEO services, I apply the same principles. During the period I was building my affiliate websites, I also concurrently created an affiliate website PBN to support my main income-generating site.

Following the restart in 2018, I established over 100 sites, comprising 5 main websites and numerous micro affiliate sites functioning as a PBN on auctioned domains. However, after the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, I sold all my main sites. Consequently, I retained my PBN, many of which I am still maintaining.  Therefore, I have ultimately decided to offer links from this network for sale. I am confident that you will receive quality links at a very cost-effective price.

Links From Real Affiliate Sites with Good Age

Features of my service:-

  • Real Affiliate Websites
  • Multiple IP
  • Different Niche
  • Very Low OB Links (or we can say Zero at present)
  • Max 3 OB links on Home Page

A glimpse of the websites matrix:-

effective links bhw

Pricing (USD ):-

I have mentioned the price ( USD ) with the network list in the above image.

  • Home Page price is per month.
  • Post price is per year basis. (Your link can be removed after 1 year )
  • Content: You have to provide content if you choose blog post links, and if you want us to write then the price will be 1$ per 80 words. (manually written content and Image will be free).

How to place order?

  • Ask for the latest available sites list and price
  • Select sites from where you want links
  • Make payment via Paypal/BTC
  • Send your link details.

What We Need From You?

  • Your website’s URL
  • Your target Anchor
  • Keywords for content idea
  • Content if you are buying post.


Can I choose sites from your network?

Yes, But I can’t share a list with new customers, so you have to choose from the matrix shown in the chart.

Are all the links Do-Follow Links?

Yes, All Links are Do-Follow.

What is the turnaround time?

This will depend on which package you choose, normally it is 5 to 10 working days after the confirmation of order.

Do you provide reports?

Yes, we sent a complete report on the completion of the work.

Do you accept links on existing posts?

Yes, I can accept, but the price can be different on all sites and posts, so not possible to offer in a thread, you can contact me and later we can discuss it.

Can I resell your service?

Yes, we provide 100% ‘White Label SEO Services’. We also give attractive discounts to returning customers.

Do you guarantee any results or improvements?

There are a lot of variables when it comes to ranking a site so unfortunately we can’t make any promises but we will take your case individually if you don’t notice ranking improvement. Feel free to get in touch with us.

Refund:- Only possible if we don’t deliver it on time.

PS. We cannot wait to see you become a business every person talks about. Let’s get going and grow together !


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